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Denim Fabric Imports In Columbia During October 2018
In this report, we’ve listed the major denim fabric importers in COLUMBIA for the month of October,2018 and analyzed the volume and average price along with the countries from where they are buying. The contents of this report are as below: PARTICULARS TABLE SHOWING THE TOP DENIM SUPPLYING COUNTRIES TO COLUMBIA ALONGS WITH AVERAGE PRICE […]
Denim Buyback Program Of J.Crew
Following the initiative started by J.crew since 2014 with Blue Jeans Go Green to recycle the denim wih insulation technology , the brand has come with another buyback program in partnership with Habitat For Humanity. This retailer is expandning its denm recycling program in association with Habitat For Humanity to recycle the used jeans into […]
Major Denim Fabric Importers Of Mexico | Aug’18-Oct’18
Denim has been an important part of the textile and apparel industry in Mexico. In fact, Mexico was the largest exporter of jeans to the US before China came in. Even now substantial jeans are exported to the US.  Mexico has also been a large producer of denim fabrics with a number of mills doing […]
Resurgent India – India’s Growth Story By Mckinsey & BOF
India is currently the fastest growing large economy globally . The country has been changing structurally in the recent years and though, on the one hand , it has caused some disturbance, on the other there have been rectifications in the structure of the industry which has created very positive outlook for the country . […]
Top 10 Denim Fabric Importers Of Mexico | Aug 18- October 18
Denim has been an important part of the textile and apparel industry in Mexico  . In fact , Mexico was the largest exporter of jeans to US before China came in . Even now substantial jeans are exported to US.  Mexico has also been a large producer of denim fabrics with a number of mills […]
Deconstructed And Asymmetrical Duo – 2018
Deconstructed denim with patchworks and flares around the boundary is never off the table in terms of style and denim fashion. On the other hand, asymmetrical denim steal the looks every season with uneven styles of denim designs having cross fronts and croppped shoulders worn not only by the stars but by the denim lovers […]
Rising Indian Imports Of Denim Garments 2018 – Part I
India is expected to become the world’s fastest growing e-commerce market, driven by robust investment in the sector and a rapid increase in the number of internet users. Various agencies have high expectations about the growth of Indian e-commerce markets. Indian e-commerce sales are expected to reach US$ 100 billion by 2020 from US$ 30 […]
Evolving Denim Looks As 2018 Ends
A pair of jeans is a staple that will never leave your wardrobe even with the changing trend every year. The washes, cuts, fits and styles change every season with new collections from the denim brands all over the world. Coloured denim, patchwork, layered denim etc are some of the trends that are loved every […]
Katsu Manabe From Momotaro Jeans , Japan Speaks To Denimsandjeans
In the recent tour of Japanese companies , one of the most important one was  JAPAN BLUE COMPANY which was founded in 1992 at Kojima, Japan and holding some very famous brands from Japan. Momotaro, Japan Blue , So Life and some other brands from their stable are there out of which Momotaro is the most […]
A Talk With Gaku Tsyuoshi , FDMTL Japan
Founded by Gaku Tsuyoshi, FDMTL is one of the most famous denim labels from Japan and has been known for its peculiar designing and patchworks since 2005. Gaku Tsuyoshi, an architect by profession and a fashion college drop out by choice had plans to have his own apparel brand from the time when he was working […]